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2016-2017 Staff

Kevin Wu

Staff Member

Kevin Wu is currently a junior at Monarch, and it is his first year on the publications staff. With an undying love for the art of filmmaking, he loves to edit his videos in his free time and upload them to his Youtube channel. He...

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Jasmine Jeffcoat

Staff Member

Jasmine (also known as Jazzy) is a senior at Monarch. She participates in basketball, Student Council, Black Student Union, and is also a football manager. She enjoys reading and listening to music. She is originally from Texas an...

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Anna Wexler

Staff Member

Anna Wexler is a freshman and a first year staff member and is excited about contributing to Monarch publications. She also loves to run and is an avid member of the cross country team and is looking forward to the track season. Sh...

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Sneha Varanasi

Staff Member

Sneha Varanasi is a junior and a first year staff member. She likes to read, write, and draw, and is a certified Potterhead and procrastinator. She has played the piano for ten years and also dances. She has an unhealthy obsession ...

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Estelle Silk

Staff Member

Estelle Silk is a senior at Monarch and is in her first year on the publications staff. She likes to listen to R&B and has a special spot in her heart for Kanye West. She enjoys long walks on the beach with her dog, but whe...

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Sam Wexler

Yearbook Editor in Chief

A co- EIC of the Mosaic Yearbook, this is Sam’s third year on the publications staff and her last year at Monarch High School. When she is not slaving over the yearbook, Sam is a captain of the varsity cross country team and ...

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Rachael Jacobs

Features Editor

Rachael Jacobs, a senior, is spending her third year on the Howler staff as the Features Editor of The Howler magazine. She enjoys contemporary dance, classical ballet, microwave brownies and RuPaul’s Drag Race. She mostly writes hu...

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Tori Armitage

News Editor

Tori Armitage is a second-year staff member and editor of The Howler’s news section; she is a junior this year. She enjoys volunteering, working, and running cross country and track. She also plays piano in her free time an...

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Sali Castro

Staff Member

Sali Castro is a Junior in her first year as a staff member for the Monarch Publications. She has recently joined the Monarch drumline, and hopes to continue through the rest of high school. Though she was born in Colorado, she l...

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Nick Kauza

Clubs Editor

Nick Kauza is a Junior at Monarch High School. This is his second year on staff for the newspaper as well as his second year as the yearbook clubs section editor. He is very excited to work with the new staff and seek out new ...

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Mikayla Dudek

Web Editor in Chief

Mikayla Dudek is a senior at Monarch High School. She loves to play tennis, take photos, and create artwork. If you can’t find her in the art room or on the courts, she is most likely at any school sporting event in the student s...

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Madeleine Rumbach

Staff Member

Madeleine Rumbach is a senior and is a first year member of the publications staff. She would rather be at home painting on her wall or attending a local concert than being at school. She hopes to attend art school next year....

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Ian Fowles

Staff Member

Ian Fowles is a senior at Monarch, but this is his first year on the Howler staff. He contributes to the Howler pretty much whatever his editors ask him to. Don’t ask him what his favorite movie is unless you have the next six...

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Ellie Guanella

Staff Member

Ellie Guanella is a first year staff member and a freshman. She is originally from Austin, Minnesota and moved to Colorado this summer. In her free time she does gymnastics with the BHS gymnastics team (Monarch doesn’t have a ...

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Carmen Harris

Culture Editor

Carmen Harris is the Culture Editor of The Howler magazine and is in the class for her second year. She’s a senior and plans to attend college on the East coast. She loves dogs, coffee, and hiking. She spends her time hanging out...

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Andrew Patra

Howler Editor in Chief

Andrew Patra is the Editor-in-Chief of The Howler magazine. This is his third year on the Howler staff, and his second year as an editor. He is an avid photographer who is trying to build up his portfolio. As a senior he is lo...

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Aidin Velick

Student Life Editor

Aidin Velick is the Student Life editor for the Yearbook and is a second  year staff member with Publications.  She is a junior this year.  She loves hiking and the outdoors. She also loves traveling and has been to many of the sta...

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