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Chanel Song Review

Chanel Song Review

April 6, 2017

On March 10th Frank Ocean dropped his single, Chanel. This was unexpected, as Frank Ocean has been pretty sparse with his music lately. He dropped his mo...


Jasmine Jeffcoat, Staff Member

February 17, 2017

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  1)Excessive Highlighter This trend took off in 2016. Everyone loved them some highlighter, who wouldn’t love them some glow? But, it has gone way overboard; to cake your face with highlighter makes you look like a glazed donut, yummy-but too much will make you sick.   2)Sneaker-heels Why? Seriously why? Wearing sneakers with an outfit is totally okay! ...

Storytelling in Hip Hop

Levi Wood, Opinions Editor

January 24, 2017

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If I had a penny for how many times I have heard how modern day rap and hip-hop ain’t what they used to be, I’d be rich. Everyone is talking about it, but is it true? Is modern day rap really just a whole bunch of hubbas and huddas with an off beat trap mix in the background? Well, as quoted by Snoop Dogg on westfesttv, “I don’t know who created [modern rap] but all them...

Monarch’s Underground Talent

Monarch’s Underground Talent

December 17, 2016

For most artists, seeing their work on display in public is a huge step forward in their career. For these high school artists, they were able to take...

All the World’s a Stage

Sneha Varanasi, Staff Member

December 15, 2016

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“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” If we take Shakespeare’s words to heart, all of us have acted at some point- whether it was making up a “genuine” excuse to fool a teacher or having pretended to be someone you’re not. Some of us act to entertain others. The thespians bring to life characters that are either historical, contemp...

Star Wars & the Power of Costume

Star Wars & the Power of Costume

December 6, 2016

The Denver Art Museum is known for its rich cultural, social, and abstract art showcases and it certainly did not disappoint with its newest addition. Locat...

Have you Voted?

Zikra Hashmi, Staff Member

November 8, 2016

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It’s time. It’s November, meaning the news is filled with debates and the candidates clamoring amongst each other the rest of us watch. However, for some students, they won’t just be watching this year. A number of seniors are able to vote for the first time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will. “I find it interesting that many millennials aren't v...

Macbeth: Behind the Scenes

Macbeth: Behind the Scenes

October 24, 2016

Even though the actors get the spotlight, there is more that goes into a production of a play than meets the eye. Before a play is even ready for an aud...

Homecoming Week in Photos

Sam Wexler, Yearbook Editor-In-Chief

September 27, 2016

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The Lazy Girl’s Uniform

The Lazy Girl’s Uniform

August 29, 2016

High school girls are probably some of the most stressed out people in the world. We have so many things we have to handle: school, work, sports, a social ...

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