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Monarch Trivia Quiz Answers

April 17, 2013

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Teacher Multiple Choice Answers 1. Mr. Leader’s name appears in the credits of which film starring Kevin Costner?         B. American Flyers 2. Monarch math teacher Mr. Beamer was a professional juggler for how many years?         B. Fifteen 3. Monarch staffer ________, whose high school nickname was “Legs”, had a summer job at a pickle factory in college.   ...

Monarch Students Stray from Traditional Education

Monarch Students Stray from Traditional Education

February 28, 2013

Boulder TEC offers career training while earning diploma At 11:45pm on a weekday most Monarch students are eating in the cafeteria, sitting in their classr...

Q&A With Elaine Crowe

February 22, 2013

Q: What exactly do you do here at school? A: I go into academic classes, support Special Ed students along with other students in the classroom Q: What...

Q&A with “Mhs Compliments”

Q&A with “Mhs Compliments”

February 5, 2013

If the Monarch Facebook community has seemed a little nicer in the last week, it’s probably due to the “Mhs Compliments” page, which anonymously...

Shooting For The Moon: 2012 Colorado Teacher of the Year Kristin Donley travels to Alabama for Space Camp

Katie Ciaglo, Features Editor

October 17, 2012

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Sitting on the classroom floor in kindergarten, many kids dreamed of being astronauts, shooting through space in a rocket and walking on the moon. Monarch biology teacher Kristin Donley was one of these kids, and during the past summer, her childhood dream became a reality. As a part of the 2012 Colorado Teacher of the Year award, Donley was given the opportunity to attend...

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