2018-2019 Staff

India Turner


India Turner (yes, India like the country) is a junior and the Editor in Chief of MOHI Media.  If she isn't in the Hub, where she can be found 99% of the time, she is probably dancing with her team at Grace Studios, play...

Grant Meyers

Section Editor

Grant Myers is currently a senior at Monarch. He is one of the five section editors, and specializes on the sports section. He likes mentoring the younger students in the Newspaper class, and tries to make them better writers and...

Cara Racenstein

Section Editor

Cara Racenstein, a sophomore at Monarch High School, is currently working her first year on the publications staff. She is one of the five section editors of MOHI Media and particularly oversees the opinions section in The Pac...

Haley Breit

Section Editor

Haley Breit is a sophomore and a section editor for MOHI Media. She specifically works on “MOHI Mix”, the short read section in The Pack. Outside of newspaper, she plays her trumpet in the jazz band and is a member of Monarch...

Jamie Thompson

Section Editor

Jamie Thompson is taking on her senior year as an editor for MOHI media! She loves writing, photography, and meeting new people. Other than newspaper she enjoys playing golf, softball, and wake boarding. She loves music and g...

Evie Cuffaro

Section Editor

Lincoln Roch

Podcast Editor

Lincoln Roch is a sophomore and a staff writer for Mohi Media along with being the editor and one of the hosts of its podcast The Wrangler. He is passionate about journalism and current affairs at both the world, national, an...

Nathan Phillips


Nathan Phillips is a sophomore at Monarch High School who really has a passion for writing. He is just an ordinary staff member for MOHI Media. This is his first year working for the newspaper. When he’s not in school he en...

Brandon Phillips


Brandon Phillips is in the 10th grade this year. He’s working primarily on the MHS Howler website and no, he is not related to Nathan Phillips. When he's not working on the newspaper or other school work he spends most of h...

Estella Barrett

Staff Writer

Estella Barrett, a freshman and first-year staff member of MOHI publications. She joined to experience and try something new, and is so glad she did. She is also in photography and puts that towards MOHI Publications....

Ruby Cervantes

Staff Writer

Ruby Cervantes is a sophomore at Monarch High School, she is a staff writer for MOHI Media, a co-host on ‘The Wrangler’ and has a passion of graphic design. She spends most of her time drawing, reading, playing with her dogs,...

Lia Farrell

Staff Writer

Lia Farrell is a sophomore and staff writer for MOHI Media. She loves to read and draw in her free time, and after high school, she wants to become a medical researcher. She has two cats and a dog that she loves very much and ru...

Lindsay Haight

Staff Writer

Lindsay Haight, a junior at Monarch High School, is currently working on her first year as a staff writer for MOHI Media. She is currently the piccolo player for the Marching Band and she is a member of MOHI’s Winterguard. In her...

Amelia Krueger

Staff Writer

Amelia Krueger is a sophomore and a first year staff writer of MOHI Media. She joined the newspaper for an outlet to creatively express herself through writing and photography. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling a...

Logan Lair

Staff Writer

Logan Lair, a Sophomore at Monarch High School, first year on MOHI Media. My interests include Rugby, football, basketball, baseball, and videogames. I love hanging out with my friends outside of school. ...

Nathan Lewison

Staff Writer

 Nathan Lewison is a sophomore at Monarch High School, and is on the staff for the newspaper as well as MOHI Media. This is his first year on the staff, and he is enjoying the fact of getting to learn about journalism, and ...

Sebastian Manzanares

Staff Writer

Sebastian Manzanares is a junior at Monarch. This is his first year as a member of MOHI Media. Manzanares used to play football for Monarch’s team. Manzanares joined MOHI Media to be able to have his voice be heard. Typically, ...

Hahn Park

Staff Writer

Hahn Park (some calls him call him Han Solo, and you can too). Currently a junior and a fellow student at Monarch High. Also a long time collector and admirer of weapons. The blades in the pictures aren’t sharpened (yet) but...

Maddie Stilson

Staff Writer

Maddie Stilson, a junior at Monarch, is a first-year member of the publications staff for MOHI Media. She’s enjoying the chance to see what the world of journalism is really like. Maddie loves to spend time with her friends ...

Savannah Griffis

Staff Writer

Savannah Griffis is a freshman at Monarch High, and is a staff writer for MOHI media. She enjoys writing and photography, so joining newspaper was an easy choice.

Samantha Sarmiento

Staff Writer

Samantha Sarmiento is a sophomore at Monarch High School and is a staff writer for MOHI Media. She recently moved to Colorado and this is the tenth school she’s been to. She loves reading, writing, turtles, learning about space, ...

Jonah Speyer

Staff Writer

Jonah Speyer is taking on his freshman year strong. He joined newspaper to have more experience with writing and photography and being a voice for Monarch. He cheers here at Mohi and enjoys to go hiking and paint. His dream is ...

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