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2017-2018 Staff

Emma Gentry

Staff Member

Emma Gentry, now a junior at Monarch, has many things that she is working on and working towards this year, both in school and in her free time. She is a drawing addict, and has an unstoppable love for character design. 2D animat...

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Ellie Guanella

Managing Editor

Ellie Guanella is a sophomore. This is her second year on the staff and first year as a yearbook editor. When not working on publications, you will probably find Ellie upside down somewhere or at the gymnastics gym (she is only...

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Sali Castro

Features Editor

Sali Castro is a senior in her second year on the publications staff as the features editor. She is excited to tell the stories of the people at Monarch. Sali hopes to travel to South America in the near future to learn more a...

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Kevin Wu

Multimedia Editor

Kevin Wu is a senior, and serves as the multimedia editor for The Howler online. With a love for the art of filmmaking, he enjoys editing his videos in his free time and uploading them to his YouTube channel. He also loves to liste...

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Tori Armitage

Web Editor in Chief

Tori Armitage is a third-year staff member and mhshowler Editor in Chief. She enjoys volunteering as a tutor, and playing piano. In her free time, Tori likes hiking, listening to music, and watching 80s movies. She also loves sea ...

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Zikra Hashmi

Academics Editor

Zikra Hashmi (not Zika, she is not a virus) is a senior at Monarch. This is her third year on the Publications staff and she is Academics Editor for the Yearbook. She enjoys reading, writing, and painting. She watches anime and...

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India Turner

News Editor

India Turner is a sophomore at Monarch High School. This is her first year in publications, and she is News Editor for the Howler magazine. She is an avid reader and a fangirl when it comes to cheesy, paranormal TV shows and rom com...

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Theodore Morelock

Staff Member

Theodore Morelock is a junior, and is a first-year member of the publications staff. He is interested in graphic design and hopes to make it his career, however he also enjoys playing video games, especially Overwatch. He also e...

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Natasha Konopelski

Staff Member

Tasha Konopelski is a freshman and brand new to the yearbook this year. She is looking forward to bringing colorful pictures and creative writing to publications. Tasha loves all animals, especially her pet dog Bella. She voluntee...

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Treyton Williams

Opinions Editor

Treyton Williams is a senior working his second year in publications and working his first year as opinions editor for The Howler. He is from Kansas and about as Midwestern as they come. His hobbies include film, rugby, and making jokes th...

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Sneha Varanasi

Culture Editor

Sneha Varanasi is a senior, a second-year staff member, and culture editor for The Howler. When not hunched over her laptop or looking around for new stories, she enjoys playing the piano, dancing, obsessing over Bollywood, and b...

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Emma Baziuk

Yearbook Editor in Chief

Emma is currently in her third year on the publications staff and is the Editor in Chief of the yearbook. Besides participation in Publications, she possesses a passion for theatre and music, as she is a thespian, head of soun...

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Gwen McGarry

People Section Senior Editor

Gwen McGarry is a sophomore. This is her first year in publications and she is super excited to be part of the team. In her free time Gwen likes to read, play the flute and spend time with her adorable dog Sadie, or her rat Fred. Her...

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Anna Wexler

Student Life Editor

Anna Wexler is a sophomore and is excited to be on the Monarch Publications staff for her second year. She is the Student Life Editor of the yearbook and looks forward to getting the chance to help cover students’ passions and ...

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