The Pack

Hahn Park
Hahn Park (some calls him call him Han Solo, and you can too). Currently a junior and a fellow student at Monarch High. Also a long time collector and admirer of weapons. The blades in the pictures aren’t sharpened (yet) but they’re real!!! Born in the Dragon’s Year, according to far eastern cultures, he has seen quite his share of ups and downs in his life and has always survived with a bit of luck. Hahn may seem and even act naive (sometimes cute) but he’s smarter than he looks such as possessing some knowledge of who to and not to trust based on observations and past experiences. He is initially quiet and sometimes intimidating (even with his naivety), but when you strike up a conversation with him, you’ll most likely gain his favor as a fun guy.There’s not much of pop culture that can pique Hahn’s interests, and boy is he not a fan of rap or what. But he does have his preferences for a topic. Eastern Zodiacs, anything romance related, certain anime like “Overlord” and “That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime” are only few of the many interests usually unknown to many.

Hahn Park, Staff Writer

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