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India Turner
India Turner is a sophomore at Monarch High School. This is her first year in publications, and she is News Editor for the Howler magazine. She is an avid reader and a fangirl when it comes to cheesy, paranormal TV shows and rom coms.  Anything with a happy ending!  When India is not escaping to fictional worlds, she is probably exploring real ones with her family: going on safari in Africa, visiting family in Europe, cruising through the Caribbean, and definitely got the travel bug gene from her parents!  She is also a competitive dancer at Grace Studios and does almost every style you can think of: tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop.  However, India’s love of music is not just limited to dance. She also loves to play the guitar and sing musical numbers at the top of her lungs when no one is home (even though she isn’t very good at it).  

India Turner, News Editor

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